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What? Your Face?!

Shoutoutz: The band,you guys are the best, My parents,My cousin Mike, Dave Matthews,Tim Armstrong, Sean Lango, Dean Nevolis, Aaron Barret, Jess "Phoebe" for helping us on some lyrics, Ted Clancy,Fat Pat Curcio, The guitar player for huey Lewis and the News (THEY RULE!!) If theres a guy named Herbert looking at this, you inspire me too....but most importantly my brother Rob for getting me into the Ska/punk buisness and alwayz being there for me


Here's more than you probably want to know about ME and ONLY ME...its a crazy world inside my head as you will see...

Well for one i enjoy saying FACE, eating Nachos, writing some CRAZY songs/lyrics, Skateboarding,pissing off random people, making a rutgus and Spazzing out randomly

yo yo horatio

EQUIPMENT: Gibson Guitars, Marshal Ampliphiers, marshal pedals, Boss distortion pedals, Zoom 505 FX pedal, JIM dunlop "Cry baby" wah wah...diadario .10 strings Fender HEAVY picks,Anchor Microphones, Fender Bass guitars, Hardtke Bass amps...

FAVORITE BANDS: Operation IVY, Kid Dynamite, H20, red hot chili peppers, Rancid,Reel big Fish, Miasmics (, Voicecracks, Sit on it potsey, Catch-22 NJ, Toasters, Less than Jake, Corrupt Angel,millencolin,Perfect mistake,Limp Bizkit, Guster, MOe, Rusted Root, Rage against the machine,Dave Matthews band, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones and tons more

HERES A PICTURE OF ME!!!!! Brace yourselves!!!

A truck; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Miasmics DOT com

Favorite Quotes

...But now the answers have turned to questions that I can't find..." -I'm sorry

"Your Face!"

"...Stop the anarchy stop the racists
stop the biggots stop the fascists
stop the sexism stop the hate
join together dont hesitate..." - Unity

These are my favorite quotes from some of our songs, but beware they are copywrited so i'd watch yourself Beotch!

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